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A Diversity of Ideas for a Diversity of Pursuits.

Multiplicity of Pursuits identifies people, ideas and challenges through our eyes and the many people that helped us with the game. Many of these people experience life like we do and see the world through from that perspective. As a result, there are many ideas missing that would make the game more fun and effective at inspiring ideas to change the world. 

This is an open call for new perspectives. New ideas, suggestions on new cards, new rules, different people, challenges or ideas that are missing. 


This game will continually grow, including input from many people from many different places, cultures and backgrounds encouraging everyone to play, laugh, inspire ideas and motivate actions to do more good in the world for the benefit of us all!

Scientifically Proven to Make a Difference? 

We are confident that playing Multiplicity of Pursuits will make you see the world differently and motivate you to action. 

To prove (or disprove) our theory, we are looking for a behavioral psychologist to help us design and perform a scientific study.  An idea is to gather a group of teens to take an empathy or service-mindedness baseline test (we can create one if there isn’t a good one already). The group would play Multiplicity of Pursuits once a day for an hour for the next three days then retake the reorganized empathy aptitude test. We can publish the results in an important scientific journal and donate a game to every school in the world that wants one!